All Of Us

  • For flexible sized cast {18-30 kids}, 8-10 year olds, 26 minutes run time, about 23 hours of rehearsal needed

    “All of US” is an original musical about what it means to be an American from a Muslim child’s point of view and a non-Muslim child’s point of view.

    Licensing available now!

    What you get:

    • Script and score sent digitally.
    • Vocal and accompaniment tracks sent digitally.
    • A youtube link of our original production to assist with staging ideas.
    • Production guide including curriculum extensions and rehearsal strategies
    • Annotated director’s script

    During 2018, we will be offering our materials at a reduced rate off of $100 per show to cover the costs of distribution. Our hope is, that with this reduced rate, our Muslim Voices plays will be available to a wide audience, and that more children and adults will be exposed to the American Muslim experience.

    The video below is the finale of ALL OF US


    Contact Chris Heller at with questions or to request a perusal script today