• Brooklyn Children’s Theatre


    • Nurturing Learning Environment

      At BCT we offer student-centered musical theatre classes taught by professional, experienced teaching artists.

    • Original Material

      At BCT we create original, high-quality, relevant musical theatre where the music, content, length and themes are tailored specifically to the children performing.

    • Ensemble

      At BCT we employ an approach where each child draws on one another’s talents and strengths while discovering his or her own.

    • Life Skills

      At BCT we cultivate confidence, risk-taking, commitment, responsibility and self-efficacy.

    • Fun

      At BCT we foster joy and self-expression by engaging children’s imagination and creativity.

    • Diversity

      At BCT we build a community of participants that reflects the diversity of New York City. To this end, we give scholarships to ensure that there is no economic barrier to participation in our programs.