All of U.S.

  • For flexible sized cast {18-30 kids}, 8-10 year olds, 26 minutes run time, about 23 hours of rehearsal needed

    In “All of U.S.,” children in a social studies class create their own plays on what it means to be an American. When the children separate themselves based on their cultures, their teacher throws them a twist to help them understand each other better.

    Licensing available October 2017

    What you get:

    • Script and score sent digitally.
    • Vocal and accompaniment tracks sent digitally.
    • A youtube link of our original production to assist with staging ideas.

    From October 2017-October 2018, we will be offering our materials at a reduced rate of $100 per show to cover the costs of distribution. Our hope is, that with this reduced rate, our Muslim Voices plays will be available to a wide audience, and that more children and adults will be exposed to the Muslim American experience.


  • This video is the finale to “All of U.S.” and was filmed with the children in our Muslim Voice summer play writing class, summer 2016.